New Fashion Scarf Tying in Hijab Style

Tying the new ways of scarf we’ve created a catalog of ways. In our guide, fashion scarf patterns, classic shawl models, tying with a two necktie and head scarf and Islamic accordance scarf models. For the latest fashion to a hijab necktie scarf style methods  follow us to see….

17 responses to “New Fashion Scarf Tying in Hijab Style”

  1. Aleesha says:

    Assalamulaykum sisters,
    Hijab is supposed to cover your neck and hair ,
    Nowadays girls & women are wearing hijabs which reveal more than it conseals . Also a lot of sisters around the world are wearing high hijab styles which is called the “camel hump “, this hijab style is forbidden by the prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) . They said the girls and women who wear this hijab will not even smell the fragrance of heaven ( you can smell Jannahs fragrance from 40 yrs)
    I hope you sisters out there realise that if u wear a hijab wear it properly
    Thank you x

  2. felix says:

    the attire that Muslim girls are wearing are not only trendy but also which make them look better. as long the designs makes them to look nice with modesty at the same time there is nothing wrong to accept the new attires that such designers are making

  3. salima says:

    asalamu alaikum dear sisters, sis Aleesha u are so right lets follw the sunnah of our nabi (SAW )lets stop immitating the kaafirs

  4. zainab says:

    Assalamu alekum…..dats so true v wear hijab as it z advised to us in Quran by allah n our beloved prophet Mohamed sall allahu alehi wassallam bt nw a days it z a trend nd it used to wid different revealing styles…..wich z absolutely sinful may Allah bless n guide us ol.

  5. Madiha says:

    Salam everyone, the scarf ideas are pretty, but one thing that i am going to disagree on is that just because its on trend it doesnt mean make yourself look pretty, the way Allah has made you that is what you are 🙂

  6. maryam says:

    Assalamu alaikum
    I’m supporting ms aleesha.Wat she Said is right.its haram to wear hijab like “camel’s hump”.it is against islam. Its a symptom of quiyaamath. So plzzz ma sisters remember abt that and beware!!!!!!!!

  7. Rizwana says:

    Salam to everyone..wearing hijab as what nabi thought..stop wearing hijab as a fashion……

  8. Rizwana says:

    Salam to everyone..wear hijab as what nabi thought us..stop wearing hijab as a fashion……

  9. Mame Diarra Bousso says:

    I am a new Muslim. I agree that we should be wearing the hijab as instructed by the Holy Koran and Allah and his messenger Muhamma. We shouldn’t be trying to keep up with worldly fashion. This is not good for new Muslim.we are reading what Allah advised us to do, Then we see some Muslim women doing the opposite. New Muslims will think its okay. But, its not. Assalamulaikum my sisters.

  10. zahara says:

    Salam sisters. Please don’t wear d hijab as a fashion. which is simbol of qiyama. alwys remember allah & muhammad sallalahu alaihiwasallam. peace b upon him.

  11. musharrafa says:

    Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu our religion Allah has given us a proper dress code which would make us more safer…but now we are ruining our Islamic dresscode ..we are doing an exam..exam to get through jannah…also sisters remember as we highlight our beauty we are earning sins…my dear sister wear a normal hijab wrapping style which would give u a due respect as Muslimah..once my bro told that his FREINDZ used to scold the girls who wear camel hump..sisterz remember no use of showing the beauty which Allah has granted…don’t show urn beauty to all the men..there z one and only men to see are beauty…that z our husband…othere than that we debt have the permission to show our beauty…also sisters avoid using makeup

  12. sultana says:

    assalamu alaikum to everyone who reads this msg.plzz dont follow the hijab style.which allah will be anger with us

  13. asura says:

    assalamu alaikum

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