New Pashmina Styles

Pashmina is type of a wool fabric. This fabric is a little high quality then cashmere. This wool optained from a kind of goat which is is reared in north India Himalaya mountains. This goats are lives in -40 degrees and 4500 meters height from sea. This goats wools are very thin and it keeps very warm. Pashmina shawls has high quality so it has a little high price. Pashmina patterns looks bigger then scarfs so it is suitable for hijab styles. You can use pashmina with beautiful abayas, jilbabs and casual dresses. There are cheap pashmina patterns on shops but they are mostly made from chiffon. In some countries shaw is known as chiffon pashmina but they are different. There are lot Pashmina wrap styles. If you wonder how to wrap tutorial hijab pashmina with different styles you can see them on social video tube sites. We have put some fashion pashmina tutorial pictures from all over the world, in to our gallery. Follow us for trend hijab style ideas.



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