Polka-Dot Head Scarf Models

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A indispensable accessory and essential part of the hijab wearing is the scarfs. In time the hijab lovers are so lucky. Because they can have a lot of model for choice a scarfs. Quality, chic  and colorful scarfs are selling very low prices in ...


Kayra Silk Shawl and Silk Scarf Models

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Turkish silk scarves and the silk shawl models are the nice parts of Turkish hijab styles. We collected the Kayra shawl and scarf models for all the Muslim women. These new and modern looking shawl are made with soft silk. This scarves also so chic and comfort models of muslim scarf fashion. They designed with most ...


Muslim Ladies Haute Hijab

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Special design haute hijabs are sought by muslim ladies. They prefer these hijabs for complete their special wearing styles. Modern and classical patterns are mostly printed on haute hijabs. The Turkish Ottoman style patterns, holy Muslim symbols and beautiful flower patterns are the popular designes of haute hijabs. ...


Piramit Brand Hijab and Shawls 2013 – 2014

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We collected the Piramit (pyramid) hijab and shawl designs for muslim hijabers. Pyramid is a Turkish Islamic clothing brand which is very popular in Turkish hijab girls. Firms 2014 design hijab models are mostly colorful and stylish. The piramit shawl designs are pure and chic models. The lace design shawls are rated ...